Saturday, March 1, 2008

What Happened Last Night?

Canadiens 6 - Sabres 2

The Montreal Canadiens are road warriors. They go to your home, eat your food, sleep comfortably, steal your fans and boot you out of your own building. This has been the case for the entire 07-08 season. Their Road domination has led them to the division lead of the almighty Northeast. Tonight however, we will see what they will muster up at home to the visiting Devils. If the Habs can somehow become Home warriors as well, then there is a lot of hockey left to play after the season; they call it the post season.


  • After being shutout last game, the Kovalev line combined for 4 goals and 9 points.
  • Tomas Plekanec recorded his first career Hat-Trick. It was the first Trick by a Canadiens player this season. The last one was recorded by Michael Ryder in the last game last season.
  • Alex Kovalev had 4 assists, and now has 67 points in 65 games.
  • The Bells had a great game; Andrei and Sergei tallied together in one game for the second time in their young careers, while Mikhail Grabovski had 2 assists (his first since points since rejoining the team on Tuesday)
  • The Powerplay was 3-3 and with Kovalev playmaking and Markov quarterbacking this special team will remain special.
  • Price made 31 saves and won his second consecutive game in the Post-Huet Era.
  • Streit played a good game by tallying 1 goal and 2 assists.
  • The Penalty Kill wasn't great allowing 2 goals on 6 opportunities.
  • Andrei Markov, who was elbowed and missed 5 minutes of the game, had the most ice time by a Canadiens player (22:54)
  • Gui won his first fight landing a huge right hook on N. Pratt
Who?What?When?Where? and Why? and Will?

Who will be benched as the Canadiens continue to win?
What will be the final score tonight?
When will Halak start?
Where will the Habs finish in the Standings after tonight?
Why did we doubt BG?
Will we win the Cup this year?


MJ said...

You Guys really need to learn to Blog.

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty harsh. I really enjoy reading their blog, it gives different opinion about the same stuff as other sites. I can't remeber any other sight talking about the russian line or gainey?

Anonymous said...

why are you guys so interested in halak?
price has clearly been proving himself and the habs are now in first place with him getting most of the starts during february