Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Carey! Carey!

The last two minutes of RDS HD telecast was all that needed to be heard. With the greats Pierre and Yvon mum except for a few words, it was left to the 21,273 strong at the Bell to tell the Story. What a Game against our nemesis. First time we win a season series against those guys in more than a decade.
In his post-game interview, Carey said that Brent Sutter being on the other end didn't change anything for him. This comes as no surprise seeing as this Goalie said "It was just like any other game" after his first NHL game. Nevertheless, with this performance Carey Price sent a message to the Devils, to Sutter and to the rest of the Eastern Conference. Bring It On!
We won't have to wait long for another test, seeing as the Sens come to town Thursday. They've been having their troubles but they still destroyed us 6-1 in the last meeting. Any time i see big #15 on the ice, i know we gotta watch out. Dany Heatley scored 3 tonight, and he'll be looking for more Thursday.

Every time Michael Ryder scores a goal, I cheer a bit louder. Same for Captain K. Before I get to Mikey Ryder, Captain K finally has turned it on, after all the S**T he has taken this year, Saku is doing his thing once again. Unlike in past years when he slows down come crunch time, this year is the reverse and there is nothing wrong with that. I maintain that if you take away Michael Ryder's and Christopher Higgins' season-long inability to finsih Saku's plays and you give them each 10 or so more goals. That would give Saku a good 15 more assists and hes up there with Kovy and nobody's complaining.
Back to Ryder. I was a hater all season long. I hopped on his bandwagon at 3:01 pm February 26th. The reality sunk in, there was no Hossa, Jokinen or anyone coming to help, it was time for Ryder to pick it up. While he's still a bit off. He's finally playing some relatively good hockey all things considered and it was nice to see him pick one up tonight. I'm really waiting for him to get a game-winner one of these days.

For Those Not Already Mentioned?
Sergei Kostitsyn? Incredible Night.
Max Lapierre? Incredible Night.
Andrei Markov? Incredible Night.
Franky Boo, Gorgeous Gorges, and Bryan Smolinski all get Honourable Mentions.
Rest of the Crew? Job Well Done.

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