Thursday, March 20, 2008

Going for 10 in a row

The Habs go for the 10th straight win against the Bruins Thursday night in Boston.It is the first game of a home and home series between the two teams

This season the Habs have outscored the Bruins 32-12 this season, including two occasions with 7 or more goals.

Carey Price Gets the call, after sitting out the last 2 games, and looks to get the team back on the winning side after a shootout loss to the St-Louis Blues. Price has faced the Bruins 3 times this season, obviously winning all 3 contests.

The Bruins are beginning to look like the Canadiens of recent years due to their inconsistency. One night they look as if they could be one of the most dominant teams in the East, and then the next night they get shutout and let in 8 goals.

This game will be interesting as it may be a potential playoff preview seeing as the Habs are currently matched up against the Bruins. More interesting though is how the losing team (cough! cough! the Bruins) recovers on Saturday night at the Bell Center .


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