Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Slovakian Sleeper?

Can Jaroslav Halak be the goalie that can lead us to the promised land?

History shows that a young goalie with little experience can indeed lead a team through the playoffs. If Dryden and Roy did it, then why not Halak?

Now before you go critisizing about how we have all this invested in Price, and he should be the one to lead us, you can't forget about Halak.

When called upon last year while the Habs were fighting for a playoff spot, he delivered with a 10-6 record.

Unfortunately, once Huet got back from injury, they still decided to play Halak that Thursday night, our second to last game of the season, against the Rangers.

A decision that eventually came back to bite the Habs, Halak was pulled in the Rangers game after allowing three goals on 25 shots. Huet was put in, and the rest was history. The Habs went on to lose that game 3-1, and another loss came Saturday at the hands of the Leafs, eliminating the Habs from playoff contention. A game which Huet started, his frist since being out 20 games with a hamstring injury.

Would the results have been different had Halak sat out Thursday against the Rangers but gone in against the Leafs? We can only speculate, but the point is we now have two great young goalies, so don't forget about the other one.


Anonymous said...

its amazing how everyone forgets about halak. This guy is so underated! the habs are so lucky to have him.

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Anonymous said...

Jamie, stop responding to your own posts.

Jamie said...

i wouldn't talk lesniak/roman/jacobson...and only the second one is