Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alright, I'm Done

Screw Life. I'm Jumping Off The Bandwagon.
See Ya!

Just Kidding.
But you knew that, didnt you.
I figured you did.
Anyway, rough game tonight. Happends. Jusy I hope when we lose, we can at least score a goal, or like lose in the last minute of a 3-2 nail-biter. I'm starting to get fed up again with Chrissy Higgins. Until he starts living up to that 'A' and that talent, i'm gonna refer to him as Chrissy. In my wonderfully happy post Tuesday night, where i happily congratulated the whole team: "Rest of the Crew? Job Well Done." I suppose Chrissy falls into that crew because i didn't mention him anywhere else. But he certainly wasn't anything too special Tuesday. Tonight he was again MIA, as he has been for a good month or three. But c'mon DO SOMETHING MAN! Help your good ol' pal Saku. Help your team! Earn that 'A."
Kovalev played with fire tonight. Unfortunately his linemates didn't. Mark that one down, first time i put down my favorite player in about 3-4 years. Andrei didn't have it tonight. He did at least wreck what's his face at the end. Clean hit. Bad Nights happen. I forgive him thanks to the hit.
Plek Plek was missing a beat again tonight, much like Tuesday night. It's a tad more evident in a 3-0 loss than a 4-0 defeat, but i'll let him off easy cuz he's definitly has some flu lingering effects.

What more do i have to say. I'm tired, i feel like going to sleep.
The Habs will pack in it and come to the Bell Saturday fresh like this didn't happen, but i really hope we can beat the Sens sometime soon.

Oh. Nothing on Price's back tonight.
Mais Moi Je Veux Halak Samedi Soir.

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