Monday, March 17, 2008

Goaltender Hot Seat?

Ah, Yes.

Jaro Halak is starting tomorrow night in goal. As much of a fan of Carey Price as I am, I think I like Halak just as much and I'm happy to see him get the call in goal tomorrow night. Halak will now get another chance to steal some of the job from Carey Price. He's 2-0 this season, 10-6 last season and he plays with confidence in goal. Gainey is looking better and better coming off the Huet trade. This is now the second time Gainey has managed to obtain something for nothing. (See Theodore, Jose).

Whether or not Halak takes his 9th straight home decision tomorrow night or not, Carey Price should be in goal Thursday when the Habs look for their 9th straight against the Broons.

It'll be interesting to see however, who is in goal Saturday against the Kryptonite Senators.

Price is 0-2 in three appearances against the Sens this season with 10 goals allowed(3.44 GAA) and a save percentage of .878

Halak lost in his only game against the Sens during the 06-07 season allowing 4 goals on 36 shots.

It will be an interesting decision for Carbo. One that will be even more interesting if Nos Canadiens do it again tomorrow night with Halak in goal.


On another note, I liked the lines on Saturday night, but i missed Max Lapierre, i don't know why he was left out of the lineup. Chrissy Higgins looked okay with the Belarussians but obviously he missed a good 2-3 chances.

Mikey Ryder played a good game on Saku's wing but Latendresse was the beneficiary of a typical Saku pass on the insurance marker. A true Goal-scorer's goal for Guy, who tied his rookie total on the goal.

Plek and Andrei Kost were back in tune with AK-27 who again played with fire.

Nice to see.


I have missed too many predictions, so I will post my prediction for the Blues game right now.

I'm tempted to predict another 3-0 win but i will say 3-1 to stay safe, for the Canadiens


BigD said...

Couldn't agree more. Dunno about Ryder playing a good game tho... Well i guess actually.

HabsFan said...

you dont really say much in ur blogs.

I would like to see begin back buck i guess carbo is saving him for the playoffs.

I would love to see sergei at left wing with ryder and koivu, and then higgins with lapierre and grabovski

MJay said...

Fair enough, except Begin is hurt so there isn't much for him to do. I don't feel the need to mention him becasue he'll just get hurt again anyway..
I mentioned that i'm fine with the lines the way they are now.
Unfortunately we are not behind the bench to making decisions on how the lines go, if you knew what a blog was, maybe you'd like my post, i talk about actuality not about wishlists.