Monday, March 3, 2008

Habs, Sharks Closely Linked

I'm surprised theres been very little mention of the inside stories for tonights game. Aside from the fact that, yes, The Habs are in First and look to stay ahead of the Pens by winning tonight, there are two stories that I find more intresting in tonight's game.

The two reasons i'm looking forward to watching this game are:

1. This would've been bigger had the game been in Montreal, but c'mon, didn't even mention it in their preview. Craig Rivet! Don't tell me you weren't proud to see this former Habs score two big goals in last years playoffs. Saku's best friend, is in the midst of a career year in San Jose with 31 points, including 16 on the power play and 93 penalty minutes. Craig Rivet on the powerplay?

2. Saku Koivu vs. Joe Thornton. OOH BABY! I love it when Saku plays big Joe Thornton.
Career Points: 585 vs 660
100+ PT Seasons: 0 vs 3
Reasons why Saku Koivu is better than Joe Thorton?
2001 Playoffs: Habs Win Series 4-2
Koivu: 8 Pts 6 games Thorton: 6 Pts 6 Games
2004 Playoffs: Habs Win Series 4-3.
Koivu: 8 pts 7 games. Thornton: 0 pts 7 games
2006 Olympics: Koivu beats Thornton yet again, in a Finnish Upset over Canada, Koivu (5'10) knocked down Thornton (6'4) behind the Canada net, to steal the puck and pass it to Teemu Selanne for the game winner.


I expect the Canadiens to tie their season-long win streak tonight. With big nights coming from Saku and Mikey Ryder.


Habbies said...


Glad to see someone veering away from the mainstream thoughts on tonights game!

Nice of you to remind the other "yutzes" (minus JT) that this game has a little bit more meaning to it than just first place. Saku vs. Thornton was always fun to watch a few years ago. Keep it up bud.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see rivet tonight. Im so happy for him. Im excited to scope out nabokov.

Anonymous said...

learnsd hwo to right!!