Friday, March 21, 2008


First Of All...


It's really been a luxury to Canadiens fans to see AK-27 strut his stuff every night this season. I didn't jump on his bandwagon this season, I liked him last season and the season before and even when he did nothing in his first 12 games here. I just always liked him. My friends, my father judged him by his offensive output. I just liked the moves he makes with such ease. Last year he showed up only on some night, but i accepted it.

This season. Without Kovy, we'd be nowhere and that's a given. Not only has he taken the entire team on his shoulders and taken them up a mountain to first place, but he has also jump-started the careers of Andrei Kostitsyn and Tomas Plekanec. Every night, even on an off night, there is some move that makes you jump.

What sticks out for me this season so far in terms of highlights, after Kostitsyn's three goals; I think of when he hurt his thumb, and on the next shift, as if proving to everyone that he's okay, he pulled out these dekes, and this pass a-la-Bure, kicking it and passing it back. Then i think of when he lost his glove against the Bruins, had the puck, picked up his glove while maintain control of the puck. Anyway I'm not going through all my memories of this memorable season, what Iwanted to get at was my favorite Kovalev move. The Backwards spin. I think he used that move for the first time last season in an Overtime against the Sabres. I think. and it was sick. He does it every now and then, and its actually one of the best moves in his arsenal. Last night was picture perfect. On Chara, scores. As weak as it was, WOW! Ditto on the second goal. Weak but WOW!

I still think that if Washington makes the playoffs, Ovechkin, or Malkin, but Kovy has to be in the MVP race. He has to be.


Lines were rolling again last night, our rejuvenated Captain is delivering, and I think its a matter of time before Higgins and Ryder get their 45343rd chance to reunite with Saku. Kostopolous dropped the gloves finally, I've been getting frustrated, when we've been losing lately I've wanted to see someone drop the gloves, just for the sake of dropping them. Against Ottawa or something, it was nice to see TK defend my boy Andrei.

Grabovski is too small. He actually just gets bounced around. He needs to put on thirty pounds or so, so he doesn't go flying every time he gets touched.

I love Lapierre. Missed him the last few games.

Hope Komisarek isn't out for too long, but Streit can definitely get it done on D while he's gone. Ryan O'Bryne will get a nice increase in playing time, so we'll see how he responds to that. Gorgeous Gorges was the guy who got the extra playing time in the first period before Carbo re-adjusted things. He played just under 23 minutes, which was second on the team. Second game in a row that he was second in minutes to Markov. Thought that was interesting.


See You at the Bell Tomorrow. It would be psycho if they do it, and I'm gonna go against my gut, and pick Les Habitants to pull through yet again, 4-1 over the Bruins tomorrow night.


Quote Of The Week:

"I feel good. A little bored, but good."

-Richard Zednik, March 20


BigD said...

Solid bro, i love kovy, hated him last year tho and wanted to get rid of him. glad im not bo gainey

HabsFan said...

i feel bad for toskala. He is a decent goalie but that puck took a strong right bounce and completely changed direction on him. Secondly, True habs fans knew that kovalev was having a bad year and would turn around.

about grabovski, yeah hes small, he needs to grow 3 inches and put on 30 pounds but wtvr.

Quote of the week:

You suck!