Thursday, March 6, 2008

Habs have Best Fans in the League

Congratulations Habs fans. For years we've been arguing with Leafs fans about who were the best fans in the NHL. We've known all along that we could proudly proclaim ourselves the winners. But now it is official.

NHL players voted for which team they believed had the best fans (players could not vote for the fans of their own team).

Montreal dominated with a commanding 35% of the votes.
The next team was the Minnesota Wild who captured 13% of the vote. Toronto only captured 5% of the vote. *True fans ;) yeah right.

The Ottawa Senators were the only Canadian team not to be in the top 6 with a 1.4% vote.

Montreal Canadiens......35%
Minnesota Wild......13%
Calgary Flames......11%
Vancouver Canucks......6%
Edmonton Oilers......6%
Toronto Maple Leafs......5%
San Jose Sharks......5%
New York Rangers......4%
Philadelphia Flyers......4%
Detroit Red Wings......4%

(Poll taken from

I obviously knew that we would come out on top but I was extremely surprised that Minnesota was second. I read an article earlier in the year that they were considering calling Minnesota the American Hockey town (Stripping Detroit of that title). But still, I am very pleased with their support.
Colorado, come on!! You’re the old Nordiques. Show a little support.

Anyways, tell me what you think of this poll. Who do you think should be the top 5? Is there any team that surprised you by being there, or not being there?

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