Monday, March 17, 2008

Halak Attack!!!!!

With his current shutout streak at the Bell Center standing at approximately 495,441 minutes, Carbo decided to go with the same goaltender as Saturday.

Halak has never lost a game at the Bell Center while going 8-0. Not bad…

Halak stopped 30 shots Saturday, including an amazing late game pad save stop any chance of an Islanders rally. He was the game's first star.

During the post-game interview he showed that he's got the goalie's post game share-the-credit analysis. Whether he was coached by Price or Christobaul is undetermined so far.

"The whole team did a great job," Halak said. "They kept (the Islanders) shooting from the outside and when there was a rebound, they cleared it.
"I don't think about shutouts, I just think about the wins. Whenever and wherever we have a shutout, it's great."

Halak has played 160 minutes this season and has an incredible save percentage of .965 and an average of 1.13 goals against.


BigD said...

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Mike L said...

I wasn't the one who deleted your post so It might have been a different writer who did it by accident.