Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Night out with the Kostitsyns

I had the privilege of attending last nights game with fellow co-founder/writer of Habs Express Mike L. We had the privilege of getting great tickets to the event at the Bell Centre. After celebrating the win over Jersey with 21, 273 people at the Bell Centre, I decided to head out with two of my buddies and party it up at Club Opera. Unfortunately, it was packed and so Opera decided to raise the age-limit to 21 and over. However, no club in Montreal can stop Romo-Sexy, so I got in, with style. I managed to become a VIP and receive benefits. Don't ask me how I pulled that off, but one of the rewards was to sit at a table with the two most popular Belorussians in Montreal. You guessed it, Andrei and Sergei Kostitsyn, the two Bratyas.

The two Bratyas, who had an amazing game capped off by Andrei's first star selection, were sitting with some girls, bouncers and I think their father. Their parents flew in to watch the game last night and so they decided to hit the night life of Montreal as well. Anyways, back to the Bratyas, Andrei and Sergei both wore suits, drank Vodka (like water as all Russians do), and got some girls. I decided to walk up to both of them and express my happiness. Sergei was more quiet but me and Andrei had a nice long conversation. Here's some questions I asked Andrei.
P. S The convo was in Russian.

Romo asked "Do you feel more comfortable now that your brother is playing with you every night?"

AK46 - "Yea, of course. He's my best friend and having him with me definitely makes me happy."

Romo - "Will the Canadiens win the cup this year?

AK46 - (While smiling said) "YES. We'll win it. You'll see."

It was very nice seeing Andrei's expression and confidence in winning the cup. Whatever Guy is doing in the locker room has got to be working because all the players seem to be excited and confidant on bringing the cup back to this city.

Definition - Bratyas is Russian for Brothers.

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