Wednesday, March 5, 2008

That Sound? The Great Fall off the Carey Price Bandwagon!

To say that Joe Thornton beat Saku, me, and my prediction, would be quite the understatement. With 2 goals and 2 assists to his name, he certainly shut me up.

For the Carey Price fans, whatever is left of them, it was a tough night. In our hockey-sick town, I'm curious how many fans were calling for Price's Head, Jaroslav Halak, Cristobal Huet, Yann Danis, or any combination of the four. While maybe Yann Danis is a bit much, you never know what some of our 'loyal' fans were thinking after they saw, but did not believe Jody Shelley's second period goal.

I'm unaware as to if a starter has been announced for Thursday night's game, but from experience, I have a feeling The Guru will have to wait for Halak's 2008 debut as a starter. Carbo has shown this year than when his guy has a rough game, he tends to go back to them in a vote of confidence. Carey Price is Carbo's Guy.

Obviously, it would come as no surprise to see Halak in between the pipes, and it would satisfy some people, myself inculded, who have wanted to see Halak strut his stuff once more. The guy was 10-6 last year with 2 shutouts at a critical time of the season, and he should've been in goal for the April 7th Showdown with the Laughs. If its possible in the world of proffesional sports, Carbo owes Halak a chance.

If it comes Thursday, let's see what he can do with it.


Habdul said...

1 bad game!!!

After 3 spectacular ones he has a bad game

it happens to everyone

MJay said...

I agree.
This is, however, Montreal...
I didn't say I was jumping off the bandwagon, i was just expressing the feelings of many, i'm sure. hence the blog.

Mike L said...

Mjay was merely commenting on some peoples opinion and not his own. Anyways, Rds is reporting that Price will get the start tomorrow.

Those same people will jump right back on if he has a good game. So unfortunately we must leave the wagon unlocked for those individuals.

Jamie said...

i was never on the bandwagon...i've always liked him, and will always unless his dad gets in trouble with the law and he starts dating paris hilton. ;)