Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wild and Crazy Theories 1: The First of Many

With all the trade rumors circling around the Habs locker room, one must begin to think wtf is gonna happen come the 26th.

Many of us know Bob Gainey as a quiet guy who does not like to take many risks, and likes to develop the team from within. But, over the past few weeks, one begins to think that he has something up his sleeve.

An impact player?


The two biggest trade rumors for Montreal over the past couple of weeks have involved Marian Hossa, and Alex Tanguay. Is it really impossible to get both? The answer is no!

If the rumors are true (none of the following deals straight up but only the main points), it means that Atlanta would not want Michael Ryder involved in a trade for Hossa, and instead would want someone like Chris Higgins. This may cause some problems due to the fact that Hossa is a RW and Higgins is a LW, which may cause some problems for the potentially great 1st line.
Now the second rumor is Ryder for Tanguay. If in fact we do acquire this may work out perfectly, and give us the ultimate first line of TANGUAY-KOIVU-HOSSA.

If we can in fact get Ryder for Hossa, we should leave things as is (with Hossa of course) and leave Higgins to improve his game. If not, bring on the ultimate first line, and along with our already great "2nd" line, the drive for 25 will be more alive than ever.

And if we need more round picks, send Dandy to Carolina, and Halak to TB.

Go Habs Go!!!
Let the craziness begin

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