Friday, February 22, 2008

What Happened Last Night?

Canadiens 4- Penguins 5

The Habs tried to come back from behind for a second straight game in 3 nights. This time they came back to early and therefore left enough time for Pittsburgh to spoil it. In a crucial twist of events, after Malkin was assessed a penalty, Komisarek made a bad pass and Malkin comes out of the box to tie the game and take away all the Canadiens momentum. You know what happened after that.

Some notes about the game...

  • Defense let in more than 3 goals for the 3rd straight game.
  • Markov and Komy were -2 and played 23:00and 19:03 minutes respectively.
  • For the first time of the year, Higgins, Koivu and Ryder all scored in a game. Why couldn't this have happened earlier?
  • Michael Ryder is back...4 goals and an assist in 3 games. Why was he benched 9 times this season?
  • Sergei played a great game and is improving every game. I cant wait for him to finally get that line going for us.
  • Cristobal was shaky, looked weak throughout the night. 5 goals on 30 shots
  • Lapierre played one of his better games, but Begin would've played that position a lot better.
  • Streit is inconsistent and flutters very often. He rushes the power play and therefore its harder for us to gain momentum.
  • Kovalev line wasn't as exciting as usual but they'll bounce back tomorrow night.
  • Dandenault should never play for this team again. Trade him Bob
Who?What?Where?When? and Why? and also Will?

will start in net?
What will be the lines?
Where will the Canadiens be in standings after tomorrow night?
When will we win the Cup?
Why does Dandenault play in favor of Kosto and Begin?
Will Bob make a trade before or after tomorrow's game?

And so, we welcome Columbus to the Bell, for a nice retirement night of Bob Gainey.
Will the questions be answered? Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

I think one of the main reaons the habs lost last night was a) they have become to focused on scoring goals now that they have given up on playing defemsive hockey. and b) because earlier on the the year they focused on shutding down the other teams main players and now they just try to dump the puck in.

Anonymous said...

1( none of you can write....but it is still slightly entertaining to read

2( Michael Ryder is Hot right now...4 goals and an assist in 3 games. Why was he benched 9 times this season?

because he wasnt hot answered your own question...dumbass

Anonymous said...

Well actually, we didn't know whether he was hot or not, cuz he didnt play.
He was benched 9 times because he wasnt hot, but he wasnt bad. He was still a great player. Latendresse played every game and has an 11 game scoring drought going on right now.
If anything Carbonneau is a dumbass.
Bench Gui and play ur stars.