Monday, February 25, 2008

One Mans Opinion

Let me clarify this. This article was not written by any of the writters from this site. This was written by someone who would like to remain anonymous due to his beliefs. This author will be referred to as "Big Poppa". Please keep in mind that at Habs Express we respect everyone's opinion. The views of the author do not necessarily reflect those of the authors at Habs Express.

Please keep in mind, It is just his opinion.

You might want to take a seat before reading this.


Let it be known now. I’m getting it out there in the clear. I’m coming out of the proverbial ‘closet’ as it were. So the public can see, I’m going to state the following: I don’t like the Montreal Canadians.

There I said it. It’s done. Wasn’t so painful, was it?

Now before you go ranting and raving about how stupid and unpatriotic I am and how wrong I am for not rooting for “Us”, let me explain to you why exactly it is I hate the Canadians.

First and foremost, it’s probably the fans. The sycophantic, hallucinating, heads stuck so far up their asses they can’t see who’s really in first place fans. You know who I’m talking about. If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of ‘them’. If you do or believe one of the following, you’re definitely one of them:-Refer to the team as we or us
-Think they can actually win the cup
-Believe that the 5 goal come back was actually an indicator of something positive
-Saku really is a first line centre! I swear!
-Brad Richards wouldn’t be good for ‘us’
-Think EITHER Kostitsyn can be better then Forsberg

I’m sick and tired of driving to school in the morning and listening to the guys on the radio bitch and moan about how great the Habs are and how their not playing to their full potential. For a team devoid of any LEGITIMATE All Stars (first timer Markov doesn’t count. He’s faded after the All Star break) you Habs fans should be counting your lucky stars their even as high up in the standings as they are. And all this talk about the ‘drive for twenty five’? Please. Get your heads out of your asses. ESPECIALLY after that win against the Rangers. The following day at school, all you heard about was how great the Habs are, how sick their chances are for a 25th cup, so on and so forth. A “great” team never would have gone 5 goals down in the 1st place! They got lucky! They barely made it past a mediocre team, and it took a once in a lifetime effort (or once in a season if you’re Michael Ryder). If they go into the playoffs putting on performances like that and relying on their ability to make ‘miraculous’ comebacks, their out in four games. Five max. This is a team that needs some serious restructuring, especially on the blue line. They’ve given up sixteen goals in their last four games? Absurd. You’ll never win the cup with defense/goaltending like that, not to mention their streaky goal scoring. Subtract the fluke goals they got out of Ryder/Streit, and that Rangers come back isn’t shit. Habs fans should not be using this as their springboard for cup talks. It’s not much to be proud of, or something you should be putting much faith into, because it really doesn’t mean anything. Especially come playoff time. It’s more a testament to a Rangers meltdown then anything. The Habs have had their fair share of 3 goal leads vanish this season as well. Did the teams that beat them immediately get whipped into a cup frenzy? Doubtful. Only in the city of Montreal would that happen. Because as passionate as the fans are, their also blind and jaded. Only a miraculous trade deadline can help the Habs make a serious push for the cup. If you believe otherwise, you’re delusional.

Post Script: I don’t think the Habs are a bad team. Just overrated.


Editors note:

-Kill him!!! (just kidding)


Habdul said...

Just outright say that u like the leafs and are pissed that they won't make the playoffs for another 7 years

Anonymous said...

I don't like the leafs. I am born Blue Blanc et Rouge. I am just sick of all these bandwagon fans pretending to be in love with the habs. especially when its only when the habs are doing well. How many times do these "fans" say after a loss. "the habs suck"

Anonymous said...

That wasn't from the guy who wrote the article. But this is. I hate the leafs. I'm more of a blackhawks man myself.