Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What If?

What If?

1) Gainey has never publicaly spoken about his plans. Thus making it out of character for him to publicly state that he was going after an impact player before the trade deadline.

2) Gainey didn't end up getting the impact player despite his "supposed" best efforts as the asking price was too steep.
Was it "Actually" Gainey's intention to get an impact player in the first place. This team is being built for the long-run in mind. Was the only reason he said he was looking for a game breaker was to put the media and fans in a frenzy?

He wanted to increase the asking price and making it steeper for his opponents who were gunning for Hossa, namely Ottawa, Pittsburgh and others. And sure enough the Penguins paid a steep price for a rental player.

Mission accomplished! In the next few years it will hurt the Penguins for making such a deal while Montreal continues to stack up draft picks and prospects as they near maturity.


Habdul said...

It's so incredibly evil, it's genius.

Also might have been done to motivate Higgins, and Ryder.

Mike L said...

What is the tittle to my last post Habdul? "What Goes on in the Mind of a Genuis? "

Anonymous said...

That kind of thinking is uncharacteristic of Gainey, it's makes the situation worse.

1- Yes it hurts Pittsburgh, but it helps Atlanta, Pittsburgh is going to be competitive for years to come, the last thing you want is Atlanta challenging for playoff birth.

2- It drives the prices higher, think about signing our RFAs this summer, who's paying the price of inflated salaries.

Mike L said...

You have to understand that Pittsburg came out of nowhere with that offer. They were not in the equation for Hossa untill the last hour. Originally the main contenders for Hossa were us and Ottawa. I believe that it was Gainey's intention to force Ottawa to morgage their future for Hossa.

Unfortunately it was Pittsberg that got Hossa. Pittsburg was able to gamble on him because they have such debth in the minor.