Sunday, February 24, 2008

What Happened Last Night?

Canadiens 0 - Columbus 3

On the night that possibly the best defensive forward was honored, one team mimicked his style perfectly. Unfortunately it was the wrong team. The Blue Jackets played hard hitting, defensive hockey. They only managed to get off 22 shots but that was all that was needed to win. The Blue jackets scored 3 goals on a shaky Carey Price.

Pascal Leclaire made 31 saves as he got his ninth shutout of the year. (How was he not an Allstar?) The thing about Pascal is, he leaves his net to challenge a shooter when their on a breakaway. He will always take away the angles and force the shooter to get impatient and take a bad angled shoot.

Of course in this game he was barely tested though. The Habs adopted the “Sergei Samsonov” style and circled the perimeter taking bad shots with NOBODY in front of the net.

The Blue Jackets basically just wrote the newest best selling book on the way to shutdown the Kovalev line. They pressured Plekanec and basically forced him to make quick plays and errors.

The score was 2-0 10 minutes in and then the Blue played the trap and just killed the clock. They made it 3-0 after a horrendous Lapierre give away.

The Canadiens powerplay went 0-6, while also having a 5-3 for 1:10.

Overall it was a pathetic game on the Habs part.

The Habs now hold the fifth spot in the East Standings.

Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How? And Will?
Who will Bob Gainey trade for?
What do we do with Cristobal Huet?
When will Latendresse be sent to Hamilton?
Where will the Habs finish in the Standings?
Why does Lapierre play?
How many trades will happen on Trade Deadline Day?
Will our lineup be different come Tuesday night?

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