Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trade Rumors

With the trade deadline less than 7 days away, The GM’s were in Naples, Florida discussing possible trades. After Bob Gainey admitted that he would like to add “An A-level player” numerous trade rumors began to formulate.

The habs have been linked to numerous players such as Havlat, Tanguay, Hossa, Jokinen and yes even Mats Sundin. But personally, I would recommend that you don’t get your hopes up. I don’t see Gainey risking our future for rental players. Unless we can sign them to long term deals before I wouldn’t bet on us getting them. Other names that have sprung up are Jared Stoll, Chris Gratton, Trent Hunter, Sergei Fedorov and Vaclav Prospal. With the chemistry that the team has right now,

I wouldn’t be surprised if Gainey made no trade at all, or just a minor one. The most probable targets would be a third or fourth line shutdown player. When dealing with Gainey (BG), the most assumed trade never happens. BG always pulls a trade out of nowhere that turns out to be drastically better in the long run. (Rivet for Gorges and a 1st rounder anyone?)
If we could trade anyone on the Habs right now, who would you pick? And for what?


j_habs25 said...

Les, until last nights game i would have agreed with u.

i know i shouldn't get too hipped up over one game, but it shows that we can actually succeed in the near future (and i mean the really near future).

Remember the trade between Dallas and Calgary where Dallas gave up Iginla for Joe Newendyke.

Calgary definetely benefitted long term but Dallas won the cup that year.

If the habs have to give up some great prospect like Locke, Grabovski, or even (i no u'll hate me romo) Yemelin, for a legitimate shot at a cup run I think it's worth it.

in the end i believe that if a trade happens it will be after Gainey night. If we r still tied for first, or within a point or two, something big will happen. If things die down a little over the next 2 games, then the chances something will happen may be a lot less.

GO Habs Go!

I want in on the blogs!

Mike L said...

I agree with you if we can get someone for a pick or prospect and let’s say Ryder/Halak/Streit. BUT we cannot kill the farm for someone we will not sign.
If we can trade an Ufa and a pick or prospect and a dandy or Smolinski I would be all for it.

Another thing we have to worry about is team chemistry. Right now then chemistry is so good and if a Hossa or someone came in they would disrupt it.

An example is kovalev. I think they major difference between his play last year and this is that Souray and Rivet are gone. That means that he has a much bigger role and feels much more involved in this team.

Anyways, we will see what happens but Gainey has to be taking these things into consideration.

j_habs25 said...

Just to point out Kovalev sucked last yr mainly becuz he was carrying Samsonov the whole way when really (as we see now) that he is better as a mentor where he can get involved in plays while helping the younger ones at the same time.

plus, i no that ppl hate playing for this city, but when we do well it is probably the best play to play (unless it's snowing). and we r willing to dish out 8 mil to a proven player (like we almost did with briere) so the chances of signing one of these proven players long term may not be so tough.

Go Habs Go!

p.s. i know u hate streit, but he's not going n e wer (unless it's for Hossa)

Mike L said...

Kovalev slumped last year because of that but not entirely, a huge factor is that now Pleks has the confidence to play his own game rather than last year when he was scared and was trying to play Kovalev's. Kovalev needs a player that can read his style but still play his own. The mentor part goes directly with what I was saying about Souray and Rivet not being here. It gives kovalev the spotlight to be the center of attention and focus on enjoying the game rather than being pissed off by people who suck at hockey (ahem Souray) and who claim that they are good.

Ha-ha I don’t hate Streit, I just feel that he is too small to play defense, not skilled enough to play offence and is overproducing by a lot. He will never be this marketable valuable again so why shouldn’t we try and package in a trade and see what we can get