Friday, February 29, 2008

The Second Season?

During the next 48 hours a lot can change for the Montreal Canadiens.

The last time the Habs faced the Sabres was Nov. 24. They came back from 2-0 but lost 4-2.
The time before that, The Canadiens were destroyed 3-0 at the Bell Centre and Jocelyn Thibault posted a shutout. Yes you read that correctly Jocelyn Thibault.

At their last visit to New Jersey on Jan.24, The Canadiens were down 1-3 going into the third period. They played one of their best third periods of the season, scoring three unanswered goals past Martin Brodeur to win 4-3.

The Devils coach took a personal offence to this and put the Devils through a harsh practice immediately after the game. Since then, New Jersey has been on fire and sits atop the Conference lead.

With 18 games remaining in the regular season, The Canadiens are 1 point back of the Ottawa Senators with a game in hand. The Habs can take over the division lead with a win on Friday night against the Sabres.

The Habs also have the chance to take the conference lead on Saturday night when the Habs host Mr. B and the Devils. The Habs would need to win both games combined with New Jersey loosing to the Capitals tonight and against the Habs on Saturday.

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Healthy Scratches:
Patrice Brisebois, Tom Kostopoulos, Mathieu Dandenault and Bryan Smolinski.


Anonymous said...

First off, the habs beat the devils 1 time in like 7 yrs, so dont get ur hopes up that it will happen again!
it will be another 7 yrs befor it does!
Brody had a bad game, but he will NOT let it happen again!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha, good job renaming anonymous (cough Evan Cough)

anyways. Sure it was the first time in 7 years that we beat you at your home ice. BUT With every game comes a new tradition. We beat you last game, what’s not to say we beat you every game. It’s funny. You blame the loss on a SINGLE player. What type of team accepts defeat when a single player has a bad game? Heck what type of team is it if they crumble because 1 player has a bad game. The entire concept of a team allows single players to have bad games because they rest of the team will pick up the slack.

I guess the Devils are not a good team. It’s too bad.

Anonymous said...

mr. b? bahahaha

Anonymous said...

pffff, u and i both know that brody is our entire team! so lets not kid ourself saying anything other wise, and with him as our entire team we have done pretty well over the yrs. n i think u miss understood when i said its the first time the habs beat the devs in 7 yrs, not only at HOME ice, but home AND away,...soooo, yea...devs will win 2morrow n thats all the matters....
n u have NO proof that this is Evan....
its another devils fan...yes...another 1.....

Anonymous said...

hahaha i guess you suck devils fan!!!!! habs are first!!!!! devils lost to the habs!!!!!