Thursday, February 21, 2008


Lapresse is reporting that Montreal has ordered equipment for Atlanta forward Marian Hossa. Stay tuned for updates.

Names rumored to be going the other way are Michael Ryder + Mark Streit + Prospect or Picks

UPDATE: 10:16 AM By RP
Sens very interested in Hossa. Now that Foppa took his name out of the running, the Sens are still looking for another impact player to add to the list in Ottawa. Hossa played for the Sens in the past and would regain his strength with them. Watch out as Ottawa tries to grab the spotlight.

If anything does happen expect it to be over the weekend as Atlanta GM Don Waddell tries one last time to resign Hossa. He is not picking up his phone today because he is in coaching mode as the Thrashers play vs the Canes.

UPDATE: 1:03 PM By Habdul
Hossa and Recchi to Montreal

The Team 990 has reported that Montreal will acquire Marian Hossa and Mark Recchi for Alexei Yemelin, Ryan McDonagh, and a 2nd and 3rd round pick

Apparently the announcement will be made after Bob Gainey's speech on Saturday.


Mike L said...


Michael Ryder, Mark Streit + prospect or pick.........

Very excting stuff.

Mike L said...


Ryder for Tanguay

Tanguay+ Streit+ Prospect for Hossa

Rumor that equipment was ordered was just on CHOM

Habdul said...

Things are beginning to fall into place

Habdul said...

looks like my crazy theory may not be so crazy according to the article